New to Yoga

Yoga is for Every Body!

We offer you knowledgable and caring yoga teachers and a beautiful studio space that is clean, warm, and supportive. Yoga is suitable for people of all shapes, sizes and ages, and if you are worried about "not being flexible enough" know that increased flexibility is a wonderful side effect of yoga!

Where do I start?

We strongly encourage Beginners and those new to our studio to attend our Yoga 1: Beginners classes. These classes are taught progressively and will help you establish a solid base to grow your practice on. We highly recommend coming regularly to this class for several weeks or months to learn the basic poses, build awareness of foundational alignment, and become oriented to the progressive flow of our yoga practice. Our Yoga Restore is a relaxation class suitable for Beginners and if you are working with injury our Gentle Yoga class is perfect to start with.

Intro Special ~ Two Weeks UNLIMITED Yoga Classes $30

(One time offer for students brand new to GYH. 
Please arrive 20 minutes before class start time.)


What do I bring?

All you really need is you! Wear what is comfortable to you, leggings and shorts are great for men & women. All classes are done in bare feet. We have yoga mats at the front desk ($2) to hire if you do not have your own. Rubber mats rather than foam work best on our wooden flooring. Bring a reusable water bottle. We have amazing alkanilized fully filtered water for a supreme hydration experience! Avoid practicing on a full stomach but also honour the needs of your body. A small, easily digested snack like a piece of fruit or muesli bar is fine an hour before practice. 

What time should I get there?

We encourage all new students to arrive 20 minutes early on their first day. Plan some time to find a parking space, walk to the studio, and check in at the front desk. You will need to purchase your classes (unless you do so online beforehand) and fill out a new student form.

Is it safe to do yoga if I have an injury or medical condition?

In most cases, yes. Yoga is an excellent way to support the body in its healing process. It can be a powerful tool for rehabilitation from injuries, regaining strength, and balancing body alignment. However, not all levels or types of yoga are appropriate when you are hurt. 

Please call reception to explain your situation and they will guide you. You must tell the teacher before the class of any injuries so they can help you adjust your practice.

In some cases you may prefer to book a 1-1 private class prior to joining a group class. Please email reception to find out more about how these sessions can benefit you .

Do I need to book class in advance?

We recommend it, but you can just arrive 15/20 minutes early on your first visit - to purchase your class, check in at the desk, and acquaint yourself with our studio. 

How often should I come?

As often as you like. Making yoga a regular and consistent part of your week will offer noticeable benefits to body, mind, and spirit. 1-3 classes a week is a great way to start. 

I'm pregnant. Are your classes for me?

We offer a skillful and supportive team of highly trained pre and post natal Yoga teachers, and encourage you to attend prenatal yoga class if you are pregnant. Yoga and Meditation are powerful ways to support your body and your developing baby. 

If you have already been practicing yoga regularly and you decide to attend a class at GYH, please let the teacher know you are pregnant, and avoid any postures that involve pressure on the pelvis, deep twisting around navel, or lying supine.

Can I bring my children?

Currently classes at GYH are for adults, 17+. Special exceptions may be made from time to time for mature teens, please contact us in advance. Our friends Mindful Movers provide wonderful monthly childrens yoga classes in Christchurch.

More questions?

Please email us or call 03 389 8113 and leave us a message, we will get back to you.