How do I book a class in the browser?

Once you are signed in, click on the blue box that says BOOKING. There are 2 options: CLASS SCHEDULE – will show the TIMETABLE for the week and you click on the square to book. It will follow with a

Cancelling a class in your browser

Click on the RED BIN ICON that is showing next to the class you have booked. Classes can be cancelled up to 30 min before class start time.

How to join my zoom class in the browser?

Please note you will need to already have Zoom installed on your device. Enter the member portal and click on LIVESTREAM next to the class you are joining.   

How do I purchase a pass or membership?

Log in to your Serenity Booking account. Click the blue “Purchase” dropdown, and select “Buy a new Membership”. Choose your desired option, and follow the prompts to purchase.