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The Breath: Gateway to Transformation

14 May @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Conscious breathing is the gateway to our healing and an important vehicle on our journey to becoming a self-realised human. However we need to become conscious and masterful with the breath.  Psychologically it regulates and reflects what is happening in our thoughts and emotions. What is in the mind is in the breath, and what is in the breath is in the mind.

Transformational breathwork empowers you to unravel the deep knots of tension that got suppressed into the body as you tried to cope with the stresses and traumas of growing up. Even if your early life was not obviously dysfunctional, there were probably many experiences, events and feelings that did not get effectively resolved at the time. When this happens the deep psyche  suppresses the feelings and energy into the subconscious and the body. 

Some of the suppressed material is beyond the capacity of the conscious mind to retrieve and heal. Examples of this are birth trauma, separation trauma, neglect trauma, confusion trauma, rejection trauma, and specific traumas. 

This is where the brilliance of conscious breathwork comes in. It by-passes the rational conscious mind and gives you direct awareness of the body. Then the combination of the breathing and heightened awareness literally releases and integrates the energy and feelings that are suppressed there. Please note that at the time of the practice this can feel quite intense, this is not a relaxation practice, it an active process.  

The process rehabilitates the breath which has been unconsciously used to keep the suppressed material out of awareness. With conscious breathing you become empowered, liberated, healed and integrated.

People have reported the following benefits:

The easy resolution of persistent issues

Deep feeling of well-being 

Greater emotional equilibrium and resilience

More energy and aliveness

Improved sleeping

Enhanced relationships

A feeling of being reconnected at many levels

Empowered to significantly change their lives

This 3 hour session will include:

Theory and overview of breath and the practice. 

The practice itself is approximately 30 min with integration time of approx 10 min. 

Following the practice there is a group debrief. 

We recommend allowing time after the session where you do not need to rush as sometimes it can take a little while to feel ready to drive. This is not a relaxation practice it involves active breathing and can feel quite intense physically and emotionally at the time.

This is generally practiced lying down so bring a personal comfort blanket and a pillow. Bring your own water bottle. If we are at Alert Level 2 at the time of the event we have kept the numbers small so we can still run the session. Please note finish time is approximate depending on many variables so it may finish a little before or you may need a little more time after. 


This practice is not suitable under the following circumstances; recent surgery, glaucoma, detached retina, pregnancy, schizophrenia. If you are unsure if this practice is suitable for you please contact us in confidence.


Clem has been practising as a healer and transformational life coach for the past 38 years, and more recently as a spiritual teacher. 

He shares “After leaving a secure government job in 1984 I embarked upon what has been the most incredible journey and adventure. In 2001 I co-founded Life Coach Associates which for 14 years offered a comprehensive transformational life coach training course, training dozens of incredibly talented coaches, who in turn are helping others to transform their lives. I am humbled and proud when I see the brilliant work that these coaches do.

More recently I have developed a coaching and teaching programme called Miracles and Mastery, which helps you to experience the freedom of your true infinite self, and to learn to live your own miraculous life. 

I have spent my whole life seeking, exploring, researching and experiencing all manner of things from Yoga to meditation, to breath therapy, to positive psychology, to various mind mastery modalities, to mythology, to energy healing, and shamanic traditions. This hero’s journey has gifted me with an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that I make available to you with passion, enthusiasm and joy.”

Feedback from previous public and private group sessions with Clem: 

“Such a wonderful eve. Thank you I would love to see Clem back for more work. I feel like I’ve scratched the surface of a reawakening”

“Thank you for having the wonderful Clem back. I feel a real shift today and very alive”

“Thank you for the beautiful safe space and giving us the opportunity to access such a wonderful practice”

 Veronica will be present as an assistant:

Veronica first met Clem over 3 years ago on a retreat where he facilitated this technique, and fell in love with this practice. He has been sharing this work in a private group with Grassroots teachers and we are now ready to share this transformative practice with the wider community. Clem is not only masterful in his facilitation, he is humble, intuitive and most importantly creates a sense of safety where people can really let down their guard and experience this work in a way that is truly transformative.  “I am very excited to learn from such a wise and caring soul” Veronica brings close to a decade of yoga teaching experience and an intuitive understanding and ability to see where support is needed.

Recent attendee feedback about Veronicas support: 

“Awesome. Compassionate. Authentic. Professional. Nurturing.”

“Just want to say thank you for yesterday. I always feel so cared for by you”


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14 May
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Grassroots Yoga and Health
The Tannery, 3 Garlands Rd, Woolston
Christchurch, 8023 New Zealand
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03 2600237