What are the fees and charges on top of my membership cost and why?

We believe in transparency, rather than including the fees in our pricing we have kept the pricing so that as the user you pay for either your debit transaction or your credit transaction. Sometimes people say “I don’t want to pay fees” we get it, no-one does, but this fundamental change has allowed us to efficiently and cost effectively run our business post lockdown, so we could stay open and keep sharing the yoga we all love. Small price to pay.

You will see INTEGRAPAY on your bank statement.

The first time you set up your account there will be $2.30 SET UP fee charged one time by Integrapay.

Payments by direct debits have a 92c fee per transaction & credit cards have 35c fee per transaction.

In addition Credit cards also incur 2.76% of transaction value fee for Visa and Mastercard and 4.60% fee for American Express.

There is a $4.60 fee for any FAILED transactions, please ensure you leave sufficient funds in your account for 78 hours.