April 26th - 29th

Yoga therapeutics alludes to the healing power of yoga. It does however need further explanation since healing and health are such extremely broad and complex topics. In these workshops Ross will seek to demystify and illuminate how the breadth and complexity of health and healing can be understood and applied. His many years of experience and his clarity in explaining complex topics, have made him one of the “go-to” experts in the yoga world on this topic. 

One of the less known benefits of yoga therapeutics is how the awareness and precision one gains in this study becomes a portal for transcending our individual impediments to a deeper practice. Eventually, every yogi hits roadblocks that require sophisticated, individual adjustments and refinements. Once understood the apparent tension between remedial and advanced melts away to reveal a most logical relationship between specificity and sublimity. 

Why join Ross for this 22 Hour Yoga Therapy Training?

Therapeutic knowledge and skill empowers you as a teacher to know what to do when someone in your class has an injury or walks into class with a therapeutic issue.

Therapeutic skills elevate your ability to construct and execute a healthier and more potent class.

Therapeutic awareness deepens your overall sensitivity and versatility as a teacher. 

Can't do the full course? Join us for the 2 open practice sessions:

Each class will focus on and highlight some of the therapeutic precision techniques taught in this training, illustrating how healthy alignment can not only make strong flow classes safe but can unlock the traps and frustrations many students feel in flowing transitions, and in complex advanced asanas. Both classes will be full spectrum classes covering each category of asana including hand balancing, inversions, back bends and forward bends. The classes will be progressive, the Sunday building on the Saturday (although if you are unable to attend the first class you can still attend the second.


Thursday April 26th

1.30pm - 5pm: Therapy Training - Fundamentals of Lower Back and Hips

6.30pm - 8.30pm: Yoga Practice with Hip-Opening and Forward Bends

Friday April 27th                                                                                                        

1.30pm - 5pm: Therapy Training - Fundamentals of Shoulders                               

6.30pm - 8.30pm: Yoga Practice with Headstand, Shoulderstand and Meditation

Saturday April 28th                                                                                                     

9am -11am: Full spectrum practice with Handstands and Hand balancing focus                     

12.30pm - 4pm: Therapy Training – Wrists, Ankles and Knees

Sunday April 29th                                                                                                           

9am - 11am:  Full spectrum practice with practice with Backbending focus                                                         

12.30pm - 4pm: Therapy training: Serious injuries and complex situations (herniated disc, hip replacements, degenerative issues and more)


$800 Full 4-DAY Yoga Therapeutics (22 Hrs full workshop). Deposit of $150 due at time of confirmation with final balance due 1st April 2018.  

$70 Saturday Open Yoga Practice 9am -11am & $70 Sunday Open Yoga Practice 9am -11am        

VENUE: 'Grassroots Yoga & Health' - Thursday & Friday and 'The Metropolitan Lounge' (At The Tannery) - Saturday & Sunday

OPEN NOW: Registration via email 

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