MAR 2-4th: The Ground | Legs & Pelvis | Stability | Transparency | Listening | Self 

JUN 22-24th: The Centre | Core & Heart | Mobility | Vulnerability | Navigating | Other

SEP 14-16th: The Branches | Arms & Throat | Flexibility | Reciprocity | Expressing | World


Life is relational. Yoga offers us the opportunity to step into a deep relationship with ourselves on every level – body, mind, heart. However, like any other part of life, our practice can be a place where we just go through the motions, simply replicating patterns (of posture, movements, thoughts, emotions) that are already, often unconsciously, existing. The deepest promise of yoga practice is a true knowing of our Self. We don’t need to do more asana, we need to cultivate more intimacy (the willingness to get close) and more awareness. 

Intimacy is the pre-requisite for awareness. What we push away, we disallow. What we draw close, we are willing to know. It is only when we are aware that we truly have options. Rather than acting or reacting from unconscious patterns, we can learn how to authentically and creatively respond from a place of conscious choice. This skill is sometimes called response flexibility, a crucial component of resilience and a requirement of being truly free.

The Body is the Field is a deep and playful inquiry into the nature of being. “Advanced” skills required: beginners mind, keen curiosity, the willingness to look at the familiar in unfamiliar ways, and the courage to take what we uncover into how we relate with ourselves and with others.

Over three weekend modules, we will explore three main regions of our body (the physical territory) in tandem with the three main relational realms we all navigate in life– self, other, and world. Each module will weave mat based asana practice, somatic inquiry, breath work, meditation, physical and subtle body anatomy, therapeutic movement principles, applied psychology, yoga philosophy, key aspects of non violent communication, relational exercises, creative journaling and facilitated discussion. 

Perfect for both seriously curious students and teachers who want to encounter a new level of richness and depth in their practice, teaching, and relating. 

Weekend Hours

Friday/6 to 9pm
Saturday / 10 to 5 pm
Sunday / 12 to 5pm

INVESTMENT: $945 Full Intensive, Three Weekends, total of 42 hours study.

VENUE: To be confirmed

OPEN NOW: Book & pay in full HERE to secure your place. 

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Deposit of $150 due at time of confirmation and final balance is due 1 Feb 2018.