Womens Health


Yoga to support a womans journey into motherhood.

Prenatal Yoga

Thursday 5.45-6.45pm                                                          

A gentle and supportive weekly class to safely adapt your yoga to your changing body. This class can help to create connection to your body, breath & growing baby. Led by teachers with specialised prenatal training, this class is safe and gentle enough to start at any stage and continue right through to the end of a healthy pregnancy. Suitable for all levels of experience, including women who are brand new to yoga.

Childbirth Workshops 

These workshops offer the chance to develop techniques and explore movement that will support you to birth with confidence. The Women's Only workshop will cover movement and positions that women naturally adopt to cope with the intensity of the birthing experience. The interactive workshop for women and their birthing partners will cover practical ideas and tips to support you in planning your birth. Any birth attendant can come along with you - whether this be your partner, a relative or a friend. 

Dates for 2019 Workshops as follows : Women Only Workshops 4 May / 19 October : Couples Workshops 2 March / 3 August / 7 December

Mums & Bubs Yoga 

Appropriate for all levels of yoga experience this class is taught progressively, giving you and your baby the opportunity to playfully interact and be active together on the yoga mat. Ideal for infants up to around 9 months old (or active crawling stage). Modifying and working yoga postures around babies, this class will focus on reconditioning your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, stretching and strengthening your back, releasing tension from your neck & shoulders alongside creating the opportunity to relax and restore your whole body and mind. Connect with others who are sharing the same stage of the motherhood journey.

Run in short courses that must be booked for in advance.

Post Natal Yoga Workshop 

Learn more about postpartum changes that may have occurred in your body after pregnancy and delivery. Learn how to skillfully adapt your Yoga practice to honour and support those changes. Appropriate from 6 weeks and upwards to several years after delivery.