Childbirth Workshop For Couples

with Erica Viedma

Saturday, 3rd August from 1pm - 3pm


This interactive workshop for women and their birthing partners will cover lots of practical ideas and tips to support you in planning your birth. 
Any birth attendant can come along with you - whether this be your partner, a relative or a friend. 
We will cover the following work:

  • Familiarising ourselves with the way women look and sound during childbirth.
  • Labour etiquette - the do's and don'ts!
  • How to support the transition to "labour land".
  • What a woman may need in childbirth eg, hydration, food, massage, privacy, change of scenery.
  • Physical support in a variety of positions.
  •  How to support the use of breath during labour.


Booking essential - book online or at our studio reception.

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