Class Descriptions



Yoga 1

ESSENTIAL for those new to yoga, new to alignment based instruction, or those who prefer a basic practice. Learn foundational postures with supportive and empowering alignment. Commit to this class as a "course" and stay with it for several weeks or months. Build an unshakeable base to grow your practice!

Yoga 2

Build on the basics and dive in deeper! For continuing students who have completed several weeks of Yoga 1 or for those who have prior yoga experience. Emphasis on refining foundational postures, increasing breath awareness, building strength and stamina. Introduction of Yoga 2 postures.

Yoga 3

A strong class that explores deeper postures. Special emphasis on gaining confidence in backbends, arm balances, inversions, and intermediate hip work. Deeper integration of alignment principles and creative sequencing. For students who have completed ongoing classes at the Yoga 2 level, or have regular (1 yr +) yoga experience. Not appropriate for those with injuries, except by permission of teacher.

Yoga Flow

A 60 minute dynamic, breath based flow class. Perfect for students with some alignment yoga experience who prefer a more fluid practice. Not ideal for Beginning students.

Yoga Body & Soul

A 90 minute practice into the heart of yoga. Intermediate/Advanced class that combines, breathing exercises, progressive sequences towards inversions and meditation. Exploring the soul of yoga through asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy. Not suitable for those with injuries or brand new to yoga - 18 months of prior regular yoga practice recommended.

Yoga Chill

A 60 minute class that combines a fluid yoga practice to shift and move energy throughout the body before winding down to settle and calm the nervous system for the last half of the class. Not suitable for those brand new to yoga - 6 months of prior yoga experience recommended. This class may include elements of vinyasa, yin, nidra, and restorative yoga.

Yoga Restore

A 60 minute all levels class offering supported restorative postures to promote deep relaxation. This type of nourishing practice will release and unwind deep layers of tension in your body while calming and soothing your mind.

Gentle Yoga

Designed to gently build strength, increase general flexibility and range of motion, and improve concentration. Props such as blocks, blankets, straps, and bolsters are often used to help students find ease and supportive alignment. Perfect for those who want a gentle intro to yoga with less weightbearing on the hands and wrists, those with minor injuries, and anyone wanting a more restorative practice.

Prenatal Yoga

A gentle and supportive class to safely adapt your yoga to your changing body. Create connection to your body, breath & baby. Suitable for all levels, including women who are new to yoga. 

Community Yoga

A donation class ($5 suggested, cash only) 100% of proceeds go to a designated and local charitable organization. Classes are taught by teacher trainees and our staff on a rotating roster. The yoga practice may change from week to week ranging from a Gentle, soothing class to an invigorating, dynamic practice. This is a class for our teachers to explore their full range of yoga offerings. No advance booking, just turn up!                 

Community class Dates for 2019 - Jan 27th / 10, 24 Feb / 3, 10 Mar / 28 Apr / 12, 26 May / 9, 23 Jun / 7, 21 Jul / 4, 18 Aug