From Earth to Sky

with Josh Borella

Saturday, February 23rd from 2.00-4.30pm 



A playful exploration of Standing Postures

Standing upright is a distinguishing characteristic of being human. As we evolved to standing, walking, and running on two feet our vision of the world and our relationship with the earth and ourselves shifted dramatically. The sky and horizon expanded as our gaze turned upward, but our desire to feel the earth beneath our feet as we gathered together only became stronger.

In the hatha yoga practice, standing postures build the bridge between Earth and Sky and are powerful cultivators for a variety of essential human virtues and physical qualities. The standing poses connect us to our power (shakti) by creating strength, steadfastness, and a deep sense of presence and truth. They build heat, increase circulation in the body, and bring the mind into dynamic focus. Perhaps the most important benefit of the standing postures is that they challenge us to discover a balance between self-effort and surrender, which ultimately creates an experience of stability and freedom in the poses. In this workshop, you’ll learn to build the standing postures from Earth to Sky (i.e. from the ground upward). In order to achieve this we’ll need to explore the following together:

  • Preparing the foundation
  • Setting a clear intention
  • Muscular energy
  • Alignment of the legs and pelvis (including leg spirals and ankle, shin, thigh, and pelvic loops)
  • Alignment of the shoulders and head (including kidney, shoulder, and skull loops)
  • Organic Energy

We’ll use partners, blocks, and straps to access key alignment actions in each of the fundamental standing postures.

Please come and join us! A beginner’s mind and a willing heart are the only prerequisites.


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