Meet the Clinicians


Lou is a UK-trained chiropractor, acupuncturist and nutritionist with over 25 years’ experience of both teaching and practising healthcare.  Bringing all these skills together, she offers a calm, centred, empathic approach to treatment and is passionate about helping her clients find the root causes of ill health, whilst honouring the unique constitution and individuality of each person.

Working with multiple therapies allows Lou to work flexibly with her patients, helping them resolve problems that have previously proved tricky to treat, or are complex in nature.  Her combined use of acupuncture, chiropractic and nutrition can often help with a wide range of general health complaints, from anxiety to allergies, earache to eczema, headaches to heartburn, and from sore throats to stress – and a few things in between!

Lou can also provide supportive care alongside conventional medical treatment eg during chemotherapy or treatment with steroids or other drugs.

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Philip Hurring is a Certified Practitioner of Hellerwork Structural Integration. Philip trained in the UK, Europe and New Zealand and first practiced in London and Bath in 2001. Additional training in Advanced Structural Integration means Philip can tailor individual sequences of sessions for particular conditions, for recovery from serious accidents injuries and surgeries, and to improve specific activities in fitness, sports, career, stage performance - and of course the everyday experience of living exceptionally well in your body.


Hellerwork Structural Integration is a proven Series of eleven 90-minute sessions. Philip works one-on-one with people to reorganise their body's network of Fascia and Connective Tissues, to improve the entire moving musculoskeletal structure from head to toe, and from core to surface. It is far more than a short-term fix for isolated symptoms, it's about making profound change for the long term. Philip works with people to:

  • Discover excellent posture, agility and energy
  • Eliminate chronic pain including back, neck, knees, hips etc
  • Unwind years of stress and tension, RSI and OOS
  • Reduce wear and tear on spine and all joints
  • Refine body shape, appearance and presentation
  • Prepare properly for fitness training and sports
  • Deepen into yoga, pilates, gym, cross-fit, and performing arts
  • Be more effective in occupations and career
  • Improve teenage posture and agility in preparation for adulthood
  • Maximise rehabilitation after serious accidents, injuries, surgeries
  • Prevent unnecessary injuries and premature ageing
  • Enjoy new levels of body-mind connections and youthful vitality

The Hellerwork Series is an enlightening experience, and a rewarding investment for people looking for significant improvement in their present and future health and wellbeing. For more information and bookings contact Philip at




Hannah is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience in all aspects of the clinical psychology of adults and adolescents.  She works alongside clients and their families who are experiencing health related difficulties,  anxiety, depression, stress, earthquake related stress, chronic pain, emotional distress, relationships, sexuality, fertility, endometriosis, adjustment to injury, role changes, and parenting.

Hannah works with adults and adolescents using psychological strategies and skills from treatment modalities mentioned below to better cope with their daily functioning.  Her approach is centred on the overall well-being of the individual as well as the impact on partners and the wider family system.

Most often utilising the treatment modality Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Metacognitive Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) focusing on incorporating the interactions of thoughts, feelings, behaviour and their processes and as primary treatment modalities. She works well as part of team alongside medical specialists, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists and general practitioners.    

Specifically, Hannah’s background clinical training encompasses all aspects of general mental health, Anxiety disorders, Depression, Post-natal Depression, Adjustment, Loss and Grief, Pain, and Sexuality as well as a specialist interest in health related issues as they impact upon or contribute to well-being. She works to support individuals as well as couples regarding issues associated with their difficulties.

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Nina offers exquisite facials made from a natural alternative in skincare created by someone who understands skin. She is an experienced skin and massage therapist who has worked internationally with some of the industries leading companies. Experience gorgeous organic facials and wonderfully relaxing massage therapy. Nina's mindful approach to her customers and treatments is at the heart of mindfulskin.

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