Our Teachers


Cara Butler - Studio Owner

Sports injury and fate led me to yoga in 2009 and since then my practice has evolved naturally from Enquiring Student, to Inspired Teacher and to where I now find myself as Grassroots Studio Co-owner! 

Having practiced yoga through my own two pregnancies and completing a 100hr RPYT Teacher Training with Bliss Baby Yoga, I am honoured to run the Women's Health Programme at Grassroots and guide women on their journey of pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. I have completed two 200hr Teacher Trainings with Katie Lane since 2014 and in 2016 a one-on-one 3 month Mentorship program with her also. Cara is currently registered with Yoga Alliance as 200hr RYT and 100hr RPYT.

Veronica King - Studio Owner

When I first went to a yoga class 20 years ago I didn't realise that it would become the focal point of my life. Forever a student, I love looking for new ways to understand and experience this practice. As a teacher, I encourage others to use yoga for self acceptance, to find strength physically, and to have fun along the way. In 2011 I began the journey of in depth study with Katie Lane, the teacher that would encourage, guide and inspire me to be where I am today. In April 2017 I graduated from the 300 HR Advanced Teacher Training with Noah Maze, giving me the 500 HR RYT certification. My classes combine creative sequencing, safe alignment, and a spirit of playfulness to energise and uplift. My restorative classes offer a calming, breath based, soulful exploration to ground and soothe.

In 2016 my love of yoga and the Grassroots community shifted to a whole new level as I took on the position of studio co-owner.  Passionate about the people that make up Grassroots I am excited about this incredible team of teachers and humbled and honored to serve this community. 


Josh Borella

Back pain brought Josh crawling to his first yoga class in the early 90’s. The physical relief was sweet but he was even more amazed by how relaxed, yet intensely present and whole it made him feel. Since that time, Josh has immersed himself in all facets of the yoga practice, being especially grateful for yoga’s ability to ground you profoundly in the currents of daily life. 

In 2006, Josh received certification in the Anusara Yoga method. Currently, he is registered with Yoga Alliance (as 500-RYT).  Josh’s classes are best described as fun, alignment based, up-tempo, and spiritually inspiring. The primary aim for each of his classes is to draw students deeply into the wild and empowering experience of being human and the recognition that we share so much in this wonderful journey together.

Kirsty Sumner 

Kirsty qualified under the British Wheel of Yoga with her first yoga teacher training in 2004. Since moving to NZ, she has undertaken two further teacher trainings with Noah Maze and Katie Lane. Kirsty continues to study, explore and turn to the many components of yoga as life weaves its wonders. Her classes stress the value of simplicity and focus on clear alignment instruction, while drawing on inner strength and softness. Kirsty is still strongly inspired by two of her earliest yoga teachers, both women in their mid to late 60’s, who demonstrated such grace, strength and ease in themselves. She calls on this inspiration in her own practice and teachings today.   


Natasha Krupka

Natasha took her first yoga class in 2007 while living in Cyprus after suffering from lower back pain. Since then yoga has become a vital part of her life. Practice provided the means of recovery from spinal issues and maintenance of her health and well-being. She started to deepen her yoga studies in 2011 with Christina Vassiliadou at the Inner Science Center in Limassol, and spent several years exploring different yoga traditions, attending workshops, seminars and courses led by internationally reknown teachers. She started teaching in 2012, and after moving to New Zealand, Natasha carried out her 200-hour teacher training with Katie Lane at Grassroots. In her classes Natasha combines creative sequencing with attention to detail and correct alignment, encouraging focus and discipline. Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and also feel very safe and supported. Her classes are fun and informative, with attention to people's individual needs.

Danakeli Potangaroa

Dana started practising yoga 15 years ago whilst living in London. Fast forward a few years and a deep attraction to yoga had set in; along side an interest in meditation and the holistic lifestyle of yoga.  After a life-changing pilgrimage to India, Dana completed her 500hr Teacher Training and Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching at Byron Yoga Centre in Australia, 2012. Living in yoga ashrams, practising the lifestyle of Bhakti yoga enhanced her understanding of the philosophy of yoga and offered unique opportunities to teach yoga straight away. Since then she has travelled to numerous ashrams and yoga communities around the world and taught different aspects of yoga - asana, meditation, kirtan and philosophy - most recently in Johannesberg South Africa where she helped set up a not-for-profit studio in a Bhakti community. In 2017 South Africa she completed my Advanced Reiki, Yin yoga and Pregnancy yoga teacher training. Her teaching weaves creative and progressively challenging vinyasa flows, themed yin yoga and encourages her students to connect with deeper aspects of themselves, through yoga. 


Robyn Blyth 

Robyn first discovered yoga at university, giving her mind and body a much needed break from the challenges of study. Since graduating from university, yoga has continued to be a constant anchor in Robyn’s life, bringing grounding properties to every aspect of life’s ebbs and flows. In 2016, Robyn carried out her 200hr teacher training with Katie at Grassroots which fulfilled her need to understand yoga to a deeper level. Since then, she has enjoyed the privilege of being able to share her knowledge with others and is looking forward tho continuing to deepen her yoga understanding further.


Kristina tried yoga a few times in her early 20’s but it never really stuck. Then she was recommended yoga by her acupuncturist to help fix some health issues, she began a daily practice at home and has never looked back. Kristina began teaching in 2009 and started studying the Anusara method under Katie Lane. In 2012 she achieved Anusara inspired certification and in 2017 she completed RYT-200 training with Katie Lane. Yoga has formed the backbone of Kristina’s life for the last fifteen years and has benefited so much from this wonderful practice that she just loves that she is able to share it with others.


Lucy Dolan   

"Primarily yoga for me is about connection, bringing more awareness back into how we inhabit and move within our own bodies, learning to trust the wisdom of the heart and belly alongside the intelligence of the mind. We can deepen and support our experience of 'being' human, and influence how we relate to our earth and our society as a whole." Practising yoga since her teenage years, it was Katie Lane, who introduced Lucy to a deeper, more holistic and, more profound yoga, around 10 years ago. Lucy completed her 200 HR RYT teacher training with Katie in 2017. Her hope is to teach students an understanding of, and appreciation for alignment; and to facilitate a deepening connection with their breath that may support them and guide them through their practise. "I believe we are all unique, interpreting and expressing our own 'individualness' and I feel that yoga can inspire and assist us in our own individual ways".

Persephone  Singfield

Persephone teaches from the heart and supports students to practice mindfully through a breath focused class. The participation of our body and breath combined with her years of experience creates powerful classes for practitioners that are accessible and safe. Persephone learned yoga in 1996 through a 2 year practice and training program (before the 200hrs certification was a 'thing'). Having trained with many teachers around the world, Persephone later obtained a 200hrs certification in 2011 and has since taught over 1000 hours of yoga.  In 2015 Persephone aligned her love for yoga with Exercise New Zealand and together with Yoga Australia they have created Yoga New Zealand. "Above all, my intention is to be open and authentic in my role as a yoga teacher as I share what I know with anyone who wants to learn about yoga. Yoga is so much more than the poses we strike on our mats; it invites us to be more connected to that which gives our lives meaning.”  Persephone is REPS registered and is a Stress Management Exercise Association Endorsed Programme (SMEAEP) provider.

Hannah Bell   

Hannah was attracted to yoga for it's therapeutic and restorative benefits and did her first teacher training in 2013. Since then she has continued to study under the teaching and mentorship of Katie Lane. Hannah has completed two of Katie's teacher trainings and worked with Katie on a one-on-one capacity.  She also completed her 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Noah Maze giving her a 500HR RYT qualification. Hannah's inspiring classes fuse fun dynamic movement with clear alignment focused teaching. 



Mary Goulter 

"I love yoga!" says Mary who stumbled upon yoga whilst living in San Francisco, where she went to do a Masters in Anthropology and Social Transformation. Under the guidance of her first teacher, Sean Haleen, the practice very quickly and organically became an integral part of daily life.  Amazed by how the practice changed her, both physically and attitudinally.
Since then, she has been fortunate enough to study with incredibly kind and intelligent teachers, both in San Francisco where she did her 200HR teacher training, and here at her Christchurch yoga home of Grassroots. "I aim to teach yoga asana and philosophy in my classes in a safe and understandable way, to provide space and clear instruction for people to do this work with ease. I always encourage people to ask questions when they have them, and I look forward to supporting you in your yoga practice."