Restore the Floor for Yoga Teachers


FRIDAY, AUGUST 17th from 1 to 4PM


In this 3hr workshop, Lisa Fitzpatrick explores the importance of understanding the pelvic floor for every yoga teacher. This teaching is also suited to fitness professionals and body workers looking to deepen their understanding of the Pelvic Floor. The pelvic floor can be subjected to many influences throughout a yoga class and in daily life that can either improve its physiology or create further issues leading to incontinence and dysfunction. Teachers will have a clear understanding and improved awareness of how to teach safe and therapeutic pelvic floor awareness for the general population, pre and post natally and to students of all ages and stages.

  • Pelvic floor health and awareness relates to:
  • The maintenance of overall well-being, energy and vitality
  • The maintenance of abdominal organ health and continence
  • Hormonal balance for improved menstrual cycles
  • Blood flow to the sex organs for improved fertility
  • Prevention and management of low back pain
  • Grace, poise and integrated movement awareness

Unfortunately, due to a lack of awareness, the pelvic floor can be compromised by certain asana and the potential for prolapse and damage is increased in a yoga class if specific cues and support are not undertaken.

Combining Ayurvedic and Western Scientific principles, Yogic and nadi science as well as herbal and nutritional wisdom, Lisa shares powerful preventative and effective management tools and strategies for understanding and improving pelvic floor function for yoga teachers.

We will learn the surprising role that the pelvic floor plays in creating safety for the body especially the lower back during a yoga class. We will also thoroughly explore the concept of mula bandha and how it relates to the Western Scientific understanding of tone in the pelvic floor. Understand how to optimize muscle tone in the pelvic floor to address any concerns with strength or continence. Gain clarity on safe and unsafe practices for the pelvic floor. We will understand the factors that increase risk and how pressure from poor posture, prolonged sitting, lifting, constipation, chronic cough, pregnancy, birth and repetitious exercise can set us up for high incidence of problems with the pelvic floor.   

The nature of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing through regular engagement and connection with the pelvic floor and mula bandha will be explored. We will also explore the lower 3 chakras and their metaphysical effects on pelvic physiology.

The effects of this work for ourselves and our students are: improved posture and body confidence, greater safety and prevention of prolapse, better relationships, greater capacity for intimacy, improved core strength and continence, a stronger back, greater vitality, more powerful voice projection, true wisdom and holistic wellbeing.

Please wear comfortable clothes. During the session, we will be doing a short, nourishing pelvic floor and pranayama practice to explore the concept of tone and toning, but this workshop will also be heavily balanced with theory. Handouts will be provided.

This workshop is accessible to yoga teachers of all stages, irrespective of their background in anatomy and physiology. Objectives of this training are:

  • To support a sound and comprehensive understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the pelvic floor and its relevance in a yoga practice and every day life
  • To support teachers to understand how to prevent damage and dysfunction to the pelvic floor
  • To further an understanding that the pelvic floor can be activated to support sound physiology and to enhance integrity
  • How a simple cough, sneeze or a lapse in the use of mula bandha may be fatal to the pelvic floor and how to prevent injury to these muscles
  • How to teach mula bandha and pelvic floor exercises to your students with a sound application to asana
  • To understand the nature and 5 stages of pelvic organ prolapse and how to take a preventative approach
  • To better understand the overlap between esoteric/energetic principles of the chakras or yogic body and the western anatomical medical model of the body
  • To better understand the pelvic floor as a portal to gaining and accessing deeper levels of understanding self and the nature of consciousness
  • To better understand the profound benefits of accessing the pelvic floor
  • To better understand when it is important to refer a student to have specialized input from a Women’s Health Physiotherapist or Specialist. 


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