Restore the floor


SUNDAY, AUGUST 19th from 10.30 to 12.30 PM


In this 2hr workshop, Lisa Fitzpatrick explores the importance of the pelvic floor for every woman and how pelvic floor health and awareness relates to:

  • The maintenance of overall well-being, energy and vitality

  • The maintenance of abdominal organ health and continence

  • Hormonal balance for improved menstrual cycles

  • Blood flow to the sex organs for improved fertility

  • Prevention and management of low back pain

  • Grace, poise and integrated movement awareness

Combining Ayurvedic and Western Scientific principles, Yogic and nadi science as well as herbal wisdom, Lisa shares powerful preventative and effective management tools and strategies for understanding and improving pelvic floor function.We will learn the surprising role that the pelvic floor plays in our holistic well being as women. Understand and explore the pelvic floor muscles and how they provide support to our yoga practice and our daily life.  

We will understand how to optimize muscle tone in the pelvic floor to address any concerns with strength or continence. Gain clarity on safe and unsafe practices for the pelvic floor. We will understand how pressure from poor posture, prolonged sitting, lifting, constipation, chronic cough, pregnancy, birth, repetitious exercise and other factors can set us up for high incidence of problems with the pelvic floor.   

The nature of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing through regular engagement and connection with the pelvic floor will be explored. The effects of this work are: improved posture and body confidence, better relationships, greater capacity for intimacy, improved core strength and continence, a stronger back, greater vitality, true wisdom and holistic wellbeing.

Please wear comfortable clothes. During the session, we will be doing a short, nourishing pelvic floor and pranayama practice designed for restoration and hormone balancing, but this workshop will also be balanced with theory. Accessible to women of all ages, irrespective of their level of health and fitness. The intention is to create a nourishing, safe and caring space, where women can share openly, explore their inspiring insights and engage and collaborate on this important work. Men are also welcome to attend this workshop as the pelvic floor holds relevance to their wellbeing too.  

Book this session as well as the full Womens Wellness Weekend and recieve 20% off the cost of this Public Pelvic Floor Session.

Booking essential - book single session online via our interactive schedule or to book as well as the full Womens Wellness please email us

Read more about Lisa and the Womens Wellness Weekend.



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