Salute the Sun with Josh Borella

with Josh Borella

Saturday, November 3rd from 2.00-4.30pm 


*****SOLD OUT*****

Sun Salutations (or Surya Namaskar) are traditionally performed at the beginning of class to
warm the body, awaken the mind, and connect each of us to our breath. They help to
loosen and mobilize the main muscles of the hips, legs, shoulders and arms, and flex and
extend all the main segments of the spine. Surya Namaskar also unites us with our
classmates and to the collective intention and focus for the practice. However, because Sun
Salutes are flowing, dynamic movements and often perceived as a preparation or leading
into something more essential, we seldom take the time to consider the quality of
alignment and action that is required within these powerful and rhythmic opening
During this workshop we’ll de-construct a variety of classic and contemporary Sun
Salutations and even play with ways of modifying and creating new Sun Salutations to suit
our own individual needs.
We’ll further explore:
- linking breath with unfolding and enfolding movements
- alignment and balanced action in the feet and lower legs
- shoulder alignment and the importance of arm position during transitions
- ways of maintaining a soft heart and integrated shoulders in chaturanga dandasana
- integrating side body strength and opening
- how to create lightness when jumping forward
- rooting (earth) and rising (sky) forces
- back and front body balance
- initiating movement from intention (i.e. inner body)

Please come join us! Together we’ll take a giant leap forward in understanding and
appreciating the benefits of Surya Namaskar.

Booking essential - book online via our interactive schedule or at our studio reception.

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