Sound Journey with Jake Skinner

With Jake Skinner

Friday 24th May

7.30-9.30 PM



Join us for a very special Grassroots event. Enter the Theta state of meditation, where we can access our imagination, and experience a relaxed restful state.  Sink deep into the "calm knowing" of sacred sound and explore music as medicine. Perfect for this extroverted, hectic time of year, where can feel crowded by the stress of Christmas and the constant digital stimulation we are exposed to. This is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in sound and escape for 2 hours. Each workshop is uniquely different and cannot be repeated due to the different people who create the space and selection of instruments. Come and be part of the alchemy. 

Grassroots is excited to welcome back Jake Skinner:  Ko Jake toku ingoa (My name is Jake) from Theta Soundscapes. I'm looking forward to facilitating a powerful sonic workshop at Grassroots Yoga Studio. Sharing the sounds of multiple instruments, I have created a strong connection with these "Tools of presence". 

Instruments that I bring along are: Acoustic Guitar/ Didgeridoo/ Native American Flutes/ Bansuri (Traditional Indian Flute)/ Tibetan Singing bowls/ Harmonium/ Medicine Drum

To be comfortable we suggest you bring: Cozy blanket / Yoga Mat/ Sleep Mask (not completely necessary)/ Pillow

Limited space.

Book online or at the reception desk.