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Donna Farhi

Yoga For Lower Back ​Health: Keys To Sacroiliac Stability And Ease Of Movement A weekend intensive with ​Donna Farhi  ​​Christchurch New Zealand, ​​​24-26 ​January 2020 More and more Yoga practitioners (and teachers) are showing up to class with debilitating sacroiliac discomfort becoming members

Brand New to Yoga, your questions answered

Grassroots Yoga Christchurch

Brand new to yoga? Curious, but don’t know what to expect? Great news, yoga is for everybody, and we can help you choose the right class for you. Here are a few questions you might have about yoga with Grassroots.

Accelerating the Path to Longevity

ayurveda meets asana mark holzman Grassroots Yoga Christchurch

An extraordinary weekend with International Guest teacher Marc Holzman. How do we live an optimal human life? Ayurveda and Yoga are inseparable sister sciences that merge seamlessly to find answers to this age-old question. Marc Holzman is a certified Ayurveda practitioner