The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston, Christchurch 8023
Tel: 03 2600237

The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston, Christchurch 8023
Tel: 03 2600237

Yoga teacher with prenatal yoga class

Meet the team

Our team of highly trained teachers offer alignment based yoga classes, designed to empower the student to have their own relationship with their yoga. Check out our class timetable to find out when they are teaching. Our teachers are all First Aid Certified and Registered with Yoga NZ and REPS.

Rebecca - Owner and Yoga Teacher

Rebecca Harford

Owner & Teacher
I’m the person that thought I would never belong in a Yoga class.
Too stiff.
Too uncoordinated.
Certainly not cool enough.
And definitely not ‘woo, woo’.
And then I met some amazing teachers that helped guide me to find a place of deeper physical and mental awareness. I realised that I didn’t have to touch my toes, have a ‘quiet Zenlike mind’ nor did I have to feel uncomfortable and out of place. I could find all of the incredible benefits of Yoga (you know the list I’m sure!) by being guided through a process of awareness to connection. So here I am still teaching 20yrs later, still learning and still living my dream of being able to support people to finding their pathway to being connected within themselves and in our wider society.

Rebecca - Owner

Jeremy Harford

Owner & Behind the scenes
I’m not a yogi, but I do head to a class when I can to stretch out and feel better. BUT if you see me in lycra shoot me please!

I’m Jeremy (Jed) and I’m Rebecca’s worse half. I’m not from any sort of yoga, pilates, health or fitness background, in fact the near opposite. I’m the beer drinking, steak eating guy from a Transport and Manufacturing management career where big hours and big stress were part of the job. But when the opportunity arose in 2017 to come across and join my wife and make Adapted a true family business I was over the moon. You may not see me at classes everyday, but you will find me on the phone, or email, and helping the operation behind the scenes.

Mary - Yoga Teacher

Mary Goulter

"I love yoga!" Mary stumbled upon yoga while living in San Francisco, where she went to do a Masters in Anthropology and Social Transformation. Under the guidance of her first teacher, Sean Haleen, the practice very quickly and organically became an integral part of her life. Since then, Mary has studied with incredibly kind and intelligent teachers, both in San Francisco (where completed her 200-hour teacher training), and here at her Christchurch yoga home of Grassroots, where she has been teaching since 2016. "I aim to teach yoga asana and philosophy in my classes in a safe and understandable way, to provide space and clear instruction for people to do this work with ease. I look forward to supporting your yoga practice".

Natasha - Yoga Teacher


Nataliia (Natasha) took her first yoga class in 2007 and since then yoga has become a vital part of her life. Practice provided the means of recovery from spinal issues and maintenance of her health and well-being. She started to deepen her yoga studies in 2011 with Christina Vassiliadou at the Inner Science Center in Limassol, and spent several years exploring different yoga traditions, attending workshops, seminars and courses led by internationally reknown teachers. She started teaching in 2012, and after moving to New Zealand, Natasha carried out her 200-hour teacher training with Katie Lane at Grassroots. She has completed the Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Instructor certification course, which has enriched her yoga-teaching repertoire with beautiful and fulfilling Prenatal and Postnatal Vinyasa Yoga.

Lucy - Yoga Teacher


"Primarily yoga for me is about connection, bringing more awareness back into how we inhabit and move within our own bodies, learning to trust the wisdom of the heart and belly alongside the intelligence of the mind. We can deepen and support our experience of 'being' human, and influence how we relate to our earth and our society as a whole." Practising yoga since her teenage years, it was Katie Lane, who introduced Lucy to a deeper, more holistic and, more profound yoga, around 10 years ago. Lucy completed her 200 HR RYT teacher training with Katie in 2017. Her hope is to teach students an understanding of, and appreciation for alignment; and to facilitate a deepening connection with their breath that may support them and guide them through their practise. "I believe we are all unique, interpreting and expressing our own 'individualness' and I feel that yoga can inspire and assist us in our own individual ways".


Please call me by my nickname Nick 🙂 I have been living and building my life in the beautiful land of Aotearoa ever since I emigrated from Canada in 2015. I love the outdoors and am a huge foodie... always baking yummy goodies for friends and whānau.

I am a meander and romantic at heart having spent my late teens and twenties travelling and studying abroad and moving across the world for love. I am a psychology student and am very passionate about social justice as well as mental health. My hope as a yoga teacher is to help my students learn and develop new tools that they can implement and use in their everyday life to build resilience and ways that will help them grow and nourish their well-being during times of adversity and challenge or in general day to day life. I look forward to practising with each and every one of you.
Love & Blessings.

Jesse - Yoga Teacher

Jesse Burns

After dabbling in yoga for a few years, Jesse fell into a regular practice in 2008 as a postgraduate student looking to stretch her stiff body and ease her overloaded mind. What was once a weekly reprieve from the computer quickly became an integral part of her life, and her earliest teachers inspired her to complete her RYT-200 certification in 2013. She sought to deepen her knowledge through additional study with Jason Crandell, Noah Mazé, Desirée Rumbaugh, and Ross Rayburn, and completed her RYT-500 certification with Tiffany Cruikshank and Yoga Medicine in 2020. Jesse approaches her own practice with curiosity, and aims to offer opportunities for exploration, growth, and release in her classes. She incorporates elements of mindful alignment, connects movement with breath, creates a balance of action and surrender, and aspires to help you feel good!