Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes vary from creatively challenging to quietly mindful. The core classes work through a syllabus of level appropriate poses. Check out our timetable to book.

Yoga 1
ESSENTIAL for those new to yoga, new to alignment based instruction, or those who prefer a basic practice. Learn foundational postures with supportive and empowering alignment. Commit to this class as a "course" and stay with it for several weeks or months. Build an unshakeable base to grow your practice! MONDAY PM/ TUESDAY AM/ WEDNESDAY PM/ FRIDAY AM/ SATURDAY AM.
Yoga All Levels
Build on the basics and dive in deeper! For continuing students who have completed several weeks of Yoga 1 or for those who have prior yoga experience. Emphasis on refining foundational postures, integrating more intermediate poses, increasing breath awareness, and learning more about the traditions of yoga. MONDAY AM/PM, TUESDAY PM, WEDNESDAY AM, THURSDAY AM/PM, SUNDAY AM.
Yoga Tapas
Yoga Tapas is the class to build strength, heat, endurance, and explore more challenging yoga poses. Each class will vary depending on the teachers influence but you will be guaranteed to work hard and feel the results that a consistent intermediate will practice can reveal. Not suitable for beginners, or if you have any current injuries, or during pregnancy. SATURDAYS 8.30-9.30 am.
Yoga Restore
A 60 minute class offering supported restorative postures to promote deep relaxation, and regulation of the nervous system. Incredibly nourishing and restful, you will release and unwind deep layers of tension in your body while calming and soothing your mind. Suitable for beginners. We suggest a personal towel to use with studio bolsters. At Alert Level 2 we do not run this class. SUNDAYS 5.30-6.30pm and Starting 6th April TUESDAYS 7.15-8.15pm.
Seniors Yoga
This class is for anyone over 65 who wants to experience the magic of Yoga! It has been created to assess, build and maintain balance and to feel connected to one's joy of life through the use of breath and mindfulness techniques. Registered Strength and Balance class. Special casual price for this class: $15. Please note no class during ALERT LEVEL 2. THURSDAYS 11.00-12.00 pm.
Prenatal Yoga
A gentle and supportive class to safely adapt your yoga to your changing body. Create connection to your body, breath & baby with specialist teachers. Start at any stage of your pregnancy suitable for beginners. At Level 2 we do not run this class. Special introductory offer for prenatal yoga visit our pricing page to purchase $29 for 2 classes in 14 days. THURSDAYS 5.45-6.45 pm until 15th April / SUNDAYS 10.30-11.30 am starts 2nd May.
Gentle Yoga
A therapeutic class for anyone navigating injury or fatigue. Taught in a slow, methodical and empowering way with lots of options and encouragement. Beginners welcome. Specialising in back pain, hip issues, fatigue, mental health and taught in a trauma informed way. Options to use of a chair, wall and other yoga props to make this a practice where everyone can find an experience of yoga. MONDAYS 11.00-12.00pm.
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De-stress Express
A moving meditation this class starts with a 30 min fluid accessible practice, suitable for all levels however must be able to move up and down to the floor unassisted. Focus on moving all the joints and releasing tension with stretching. Learn breath work techniques (pranayama) and a long guided meditation to finish. Based on the understanding of the Koshas this is like a Yoga Nidra as a 1 hour class experience. WEDNESDAYS 5.45-6.45pm.

Drop in Class
Great way to try yoga. Purchase your casual class directly from the timetable.
Virtual studio single class
Attend a single virtual class
Convenience Pack
3 Studio classes, to be used within one month.
Monthly – Consistent
4 Studio classes over one month. Unlimited online Zoom classes.
Monthly – Committed
6 Studio classes over one month. Unlimited online Zoom classes.
Monthly – Devoted
8 Studio classes over one month. Unlimited online Zoom classes.
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